Prime Stoats NFT GAME

Prime Stoats NFT are a collection of 10.000 uniquely generated Stoats. Mint Price 20 MATIC. Burrows supply 500 (SOLD OUT).

About the Prime Stoats p2E

Prime Stoats is a play to earn Polygon blockchain game.

In this game you can experience the fun of putting your stoats to work 🛠, give them rest 😴 into a BURROW, upgrade your village, defend against dangers and much more.


Phase 2

-Time to reveal

-Special Giveaway for 10 Prime Stoats holders

-80% of Stoats sellings will be used to implement the Prime Stoats P2E

-Prime Stoats Season I starts  (48h after Stoats SOLD OUT)    

-Every staked Stoat will earn from 20 to 50 $NUTS daily depending of the rank of your Stoat.   

-The stoats are working 24h/day with no rest! After 1 Week of working without a burrow they will get tired and earn only half 20-40 $NUTS. They need Burrow to rest and earn double 40-100 $NUTS    

-Whoever mints a BURROW will get ES-role.

-Every Stoat staked by an ES role will earn double amount: 40-100 $NUTS daily.

-In a burrow (depending on Rank), can sleep from 3 Stoats to 12 Stoats.    

-You can use your earned $NUTS to buy new features into the game and increase the passive income or swap it for ETH

-Season II starts: Oven and Lands will be added to the game.

Exclusive merch

Now members of our Prime Stoats club have a new way to excel!

We will create a branded collection of clothes, high-resolution posters with legendary Stoats and many other items.

Phase 3

-3D Prime Stoats release

-3D STOATS collection will be publicly released but only first-gen Stoats holders will be able to mint one.

-Huge 3D Prime Stoats Airdrop for all ES-role and OGs (one 3D Stoat each)  

-More features will be added to the Stake to earn Prime Stoats Game  

-Season III Starts


Metaverse avatars.

The Prime Stoats collection moves to a new level and goes beyond the Metaverse.

Real game release 👀



Project Manager, Artist & Dev


Community Manager


Social Media Manager
Prime Stoats FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find answer to the most common questions that we have been asked.

Which are the benefits of buying a BURROW?

Your staked stoats will earn doble amount of $NUTS  (check the level of your BURROW to see how many Stoats can fit in)

Which is thevalue of the token( $NUTS)?

We aim to release $NUTS token between 0.10$ and 0.12$

When will the game be realased?

48 hours after Prime Stoats SOLD OUT. 80% of the earnings will be used as liquidity for $NUTS token

How many $NUTS does a Stoat generate every day?

Depending on his level, between 20-40 NUTS/day without a BURROW, with a BURROW it will earn 40-100 $NUTS/Day